Boat Trips Information

Work without play makes Jack dull. After periods of working hard trying to make a living, it is always good to spare some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You would go hiking, swimming, visit a park, camping, or spend time with your family at home, carrying out some bonding activities. Today I want to inform you about an activity that many people do not consider, and this is taking boat trips. Most of the time, a sightseeing boat is used.

A boat trip/tour involves a short trip using a small boat for touring reasons, which usually starts and ends in the same place. Boat trips mostly don’t take more than a day. The advancement of boat trips is cruising, which involves touring in big ships that have accommodation hence can last for several days. Today, however, we are looking at boat trips.

Safety precautions to take while boating

  1. Ensure the boat is licensed-A boat license has a safety procedure that teaches how to act in the event of an accident.
  2. Know the weather-if the weather is windy and has signs of rain, postpone the activity.
  3. Carry some spare oars – even if the boat is motorized, it is essential to carry oars in case the engine fails.
  4. Stick to the prescribed speed limits.
  5. Avoid alcohol- the boat navigator should avoid alcohol or any substance that would impair his/her judgment at all costs.

What are some of the best boat trips destinations in the world?

  1. Rhine- It is an excellent place all year long.
  2. Kerala Backwaters, India-It is better during winter and also during monsoon, although it rains heavily in the afternoon.
  3. River Nile, Egypt- It is excellent all year round, but October-April is the best time.
  4. Danube, Eastern Europe-Better all year round but avoid visiting during the summer as the water levels get low.
  5. River Amazon, Brazil- Visit in the wet seasons from December to May to have access to the tributaries.
  6. River Yangzi, China- it is a lovely destination all year round, but Spring and Autumn offer more refreshing breezes

In conclusion, boating is a fantastic experience, and you should consider adding it to your to-do list.